PS It’s Me


Live simply, Love generously, Care deeply, Speak kindly, and Leave the rest to God.

Raised on Whidbey Island, WA and transplanted all over the world courtesy of the US Navy, this 50+ year old and hubby have settled down in the quaint mountain resort town of Whitefish, Montana!

I am passionate about life! My philosophy about living has always been, “How can I make a difference in just one life?” I’m always up for a challenge or a new idea!

I try to walk my Faith in Jesus Christ, not just talk about it. I’m involved in a fabulous Bible study group. The Bible Babes have been meeting continuously since 2006. I’m blessed to have this group of prayer warriors and mentors in my life.

I currently work for Hammer Nutrition, a fabulous company that supplies organic supplements & fueling for health conscious athletes.

I’ve done other jobs, Youth Ministry for 24 years; Non- Profit work for another 8 years; English Teacher while living in Japan… various other fun as well! I’ve loved everything I’ve ever done (well,, except for the nine months that I worked as an accountant, it just didn’t suit me!)

My Loves: Gardening, Landscaping, Outdoor Activities from Skiing & Snowshoeing to Hiking & Running, Pilates & Yoga, Cooking, Plant Based eating, Golden retrievers (we always have TWO!), wood working, refinishing furniture, decorating, Did I mention wine tasting? Wine drinking? Wine everything?

I’ve been married for over 30 years to an amazing man! Aldo is a retired Navy Jet Pilot and currently a Southwest Airlines Captain.

I am MOM to three fabulous kids – I mean fabulous!  Jaime & Hubby Kurt, Brad, and Kevin are my life, my hope, and my dreams fulfilled.

“A candle never extinguishes by lighting another candle.”

Come along on my journey. I’d love to have you!

4 thoughts on “PS It’s Me

  1. Our town is blessed by the Kuntz family and our candles are lit, oh so brightly, by Shelle. Blessings on your journey and may you continue to bless us all with your insights and wisdom.


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