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This blog is dedicated to all of you who are looking for someone’s answers to a lot of life’s questions.  It’s dedicated to you who are looking to follow someone who lives her life authentically with love and laughter, with tears and sorrow, with an appetite for the best life can offer, and who wants to experience, feel, and taste it all!  

….and every now and then she can offer some wisdom of experience.


My Latest Blog Entry

6 Simple Steps to Start Your Day


It’s difficult to give myself the care and attention that I need so desperately. In years past, I did everything for everyone else and unintentionally ignored myself.  I was so lost in this way of life that I didn’t even realize that I was evaporating away from ME.

THE realization of my personal neglect happened  a few years ago and I knew my own essence had to change.  Continue reading 

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