Listen My Friend, God is Speaking


God Speaks all the time.  If I am listening, if I am paying attention, if I take a moment to leave the “Me” world, WOWZA – Awesome things happen.  Awesome ideas form.  Awesome people are met.  Awesome situations are encountered.

Today, I was in our local airport flying Non-Rev (short for Non Revenue Passenger) with my pilot husband. Because of his job, we can fly on most carriers for a small price as long as there is space available on the flight.  I could go into all sorts of plans and schemes that we use to get ourselves from one city to another.  Often it involves lack of sleep and running and thinking fast on my feet!!  Let’s just say it’s not for wimps or for inflexible people!

We were trying to get to Annapolis, MD for his Naval Academy Reunion.  It’s been planned for a LONG time and I have no idea why we didn’t purchase tickets since the last time we went to USNA a hurricane hit Maryland and flights were cancelled and we were all over the US trying to non-rev into Annapolis!!

No extra seats in the cabin on the first flight but there was an extra seat in the cockpit just for other pilots trying to get a ride!  I looked at Aldo and told him to take it and get to his reunion.  I would follow along as soon as a seat opened up on a flight!!  He double checked that I was SURE and didn’t mind and then kissed me and ran down the jetway to be the last person on before the doors closed.

I smiled, knowing that he’d be at the “Boat School”  soon enough to start swapping stories and catching up with his buddies.  It’s a marvelous group, the folks who graduate from the service academies.  They not only went to school together, they served our country together, they only knew the rigors of life that the others were going thru.  Its fun to be a semi-insider to this awesome brotherhood!!

I waited two more flights with no luck.  Plenty of people watching time…  I decided to head to Spokane, a mere four hour drive and a certainty of available flights the next day on Southwest Airlines!

Knock, Knock — just a tap from God.  IGNORING….  I have things to do.  Drawing my eyes to the two beautiful ladies also attempting to non-rev, Knock, Knock….  I SMILE and they smile back….. Then it happens.  HE HAS SPOKEN.  I HAVE LISTENED.

I walk towards them, one sister wanting to help another, wanting to share information, wanting to see what can be done to make life a bit easier…  They ask my plan, I share and ask if they need anything. You see, these sisters are trying to get to New York and Dallas to separate households and children at home.  They are flight attendants who spent exactly 24 hours in Whitefish.  I’m intrigued by their quick trip.  Without hesitating, one of them shares that her 12 year old daughter died recently and they found a mother/daughter artist team in Whitefish who makes memorial urns, sun catchers and pendants from blown glass.  I’m at a loss for words but a touch to her hand and a shared moment in time and I find myself inviting them along for the ride to find a flight in another city.  We haven’t even exchanged names and we are walking to my rig, parked outside and ready to take us everywhere and anywhere!

We drive for hours and it only seems like minutes.  We share our faith, our lives, our children stories, she shares her photos of her adorable daughter, telling stories, and telling of the 10 months of painful bone cancer that took her sweet girl so quickly.  We have so much in common, such love and light illuminates from my two new sisters.  Their wonder and enthusiasm at the majesty of the Montana Lakes and Mountains make me fall in love with my state all over again.  If I had ignored that nudge, my life would be different.   I praise God for new friendships, for the blessing that only HE can add to a normal day in the life of a girl trying to non-rev.

Don’t Ignore the Knock.  Take a moment to leave your “me” world and notice the world around you.  What a quick smile or catching someone’s eye can do in the course of a day or a lifetime.  You see, at the end of the day – life becomes more rich and reasons for living more full.  Just Listen for the little knock….and Answer

PS Take a look at Over the Rainbow Memorials, Read the Testimonials.  It will give you a real feel for this loving ministry.

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