Soaking in a Girlfriend Weekend

Quinn’s Hot Springs in Paradise, Montana.  (Seriously, it’s the name of the closest town!)  The cabins and the lodge, the tavern and restaurant are wonderful compliments to the 6 hot pools, which range in temperature from 78 to 106.  Pools that offer minerals and therapeutic healing as well as interesting people and laughter to nourish the soul!

Quinn’s was the location of my recent girlfriend weekend!  Perfect location for us four girls (AKA The Posse), who see each other as often as possible but in reality, it’s never enough!  The last time we were all together was seven weeks ago.  Yes, we live in the same town but we all work in different professions, we all have varied hobbies & passions, and we all have families and other “girl groups!”  When we get together, “Watch Out World!”  We laugh, we talk, we drink wine.  We play cards.  We dance.  We don’t sleep much….

First stop on the way to Quinn’s was a stop in Plains, MT at the latest upgrade by Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible – Heather’s Country Kitchen.  We were excited to see how the old and tired building upgrade looked!  We know the breakfasts to be phenomenal and were hoping that lunch would be equally awesome!  We were not disappointed!

Upon arrival to Quinn’s, the typical complete unpacking and set up of the room is first on the list.  Claiming of beds and/or which side and finally, the corkscrew is used for a few bottles of “Big Red”  and a discussion of the plan for our time together ensues.  What actually happens on a girls trip stays on the girls trip!  Usually the word EPIC accompanies our trips!

I can share that we played cards, we played dice, and we soaked in the Hot Springs.  By the time we exited the pools, we knew everyone!  We made new friends that we will see again, bought a Red Wattle Hog for future meals, attempted to hire someone for one of our businesses, and sang Happy Birthday to a brand new 50 year old!

The Hot Springs and facilities were truly awesome and we vowed to return again, even if for one night.

Soaking in my girlfriends was and always is the true joy of our trips.  The Posse travels together enough that we have routines and inside jokes.  We need a lot of time to catch up on the minutiae of each other’s lives.  We laugh together, we cry together — we problem solve and give honest advice. We love each other and continually count our blessings for having found each other in the bleachers of Whitefish High School watching our girls compete together for years!

I don’t think I could ever stress enough how important it is for us girls to have girlfriends.  Those who accept you and love you regardless of your current life situation.  They must be trustworthy and faithful.  They can’t talk bad about you, EVER.  They watch your back while you’re watching theirs.  They understand men issues, girlie issues, and answer all silly questions!

Sometimes your girlfriends are in your life forever and sometimes only for a season.  Enjoy them and the blessing that they are to your life.  BE a blessing to them as well.  Care for them and Love them.  No judgment necessary!  Be honest and loyal.

I caution you to choose your girlfriends wisely — choosing a girlfriend to be in your inner circle takes time.  Try them on, spend time together, be sure that she puts in as much effort as you do.  Next thing you know, you’re together and creating memories.

Take some time, make a plan and soak in your girlfriends!

PS Our husbands are all friends as well!

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