All Plates are NOT Created Equal — God Knows What He’s Doing

Why can she do so many things in her life and I can barely manage to get myself out the door to work?  What gives him so much energy to accomplish goals and it seems like it’s so easy for him?   My plate is full. And it’s my plate to fill.

Think about the last time you compared yourself to someone else?  Not that long ago?  I know — it’s human nature to compare ourselves to others but people…. throw away the self doubt!  Why do we feel inadequate when we see “Mr. Get ‘Er Done” or “Ms. Overachiever?”  What is God’s intention for our lives?

I’m telling you my friend – God gave us all a different size plate to fill.  For some of us – we practically have a serving platter, for others of us – we have a tea cup saucer.  Along with the size of plate, He gave us different gifts to use.  He gave us everything we could possibly need to fulfill His plan for our lives.

My plate fits me perfectly.  I do a lot of different things and I have a lot of passion!  I enjoy being involved, whether its volunteering, music, church projects, family, friends, work, Bible Study, women’s groups, home projects, gardening, travel…  I do everything that is on my plate because I want to do it.  I derive a sense of fulfillment in doing the things on my plate.  I believe that if God has put something on my plate, it’s up to me to follow through. 

Your plate might be small. The thing is — it’s YOUR plate.  It’s exactly the size that God wants it to be.  God doesn’t want you to feel inadequate, He wants you to use your gifts and fill your own plate.  You have gifts that I never dreamed of having.  Use those — be the fabulous person you were meant to be and live your life without hesitation.

Can you figure out if it is really God putting something on your plate? I don’t have the perfect way but my way is to use all tools possible.  I pray.  Not only do I ask, but I sit quietly and listen.  You can’t hear answers if you’re not quiet.  I read scripture.  God’s word comes alive to me and words pop out to help me with my decisions.  Let me tell you, it doesn’t always happen though.  I have to be ready.  Sometimes I go a long time before I receive confirmation through scripture.   I talk with friends who are believers.  It’s important that you consult grounded believers when you’re looking for answers.  God put them into my life for a reason.  Some times I sit for a LONG time waiting for confirmation.  I just have to remember it’s God’s timing, not mine.  (Oh that was so much easier to write than to actually go through!)

You are unique.  Your gifts, your personality, and your life situation is what creates the size of your plate.  God knows you and He’s not intending for you to use Shelle’s plate — He wants you to use yours.

Next time you start comparing yourself to others, remember this – God knows what He’s doing!  he’s created you for a specific purpose and you need to fulfill that purpose!

PS Walk with Him, Talk with Him and most of all, Use Your Own Plate.

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