Ever walked into someone’s home during the Christmas season and wonder how they transformed their regular house into a Christmas Wonderland?  You need hours to wander around and look at each and every nook and cranny!  I love to look and I love to create!  You can create a fantastic Christmas look in YOUR home if you follow my advice!

The way to a home filled with gorgeous Christmas Decorations is made easily over time.  I purchase one or two fabulous items AFTER Christmas when they’re discounted at 50 – 75% off!

I began this tradition in 1984, the year that I was married!  It was the first time I’d ever seen artificial greenery that actually looked real!  I saw it before Christmas and knew that it would be ridiculous to spend way too much money on something I’d only use for 5 weeks out of the year!  I hoped that at least one nine foot section would still be at the store and on sale after Christmas.  My hopes became my 75% off reality!  I still use that greenery garland 30 years later!!

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.”  Norman Vincent Peale

Look for quality items that don’t become dated.  They can serve as background for any other decorations.  I have Santa Collections, Snowman Collections, Angel Collections, Montana Themed Ornaments for one of the three trees, Hand Painted Porcelain, Great Ornaments for the Tree, Dishes, and lighted greenery garland (enough for the entire neighborhood!) I mustn’t forget the most important Nativity Collections.  All of this purchased over the years at discounted prices!

Of course there are the decorations that money doesn’t buy.  The absolutely priceless decorations.  The collection of hand carved & painted Santas that my dad has made over the years, the ornaments and decorations made by my kids, even the decorations that I made as a child that my mom doesn’t want to use anymore. (That’s a whole different blog post and story…  how could my mother not want to display the paper mache snowman that I made in first grade?  Or the large dough ornaments that I made in high school?)

I am a firm believer that lighted greenery with pine cones and berries can make any home immediately look like Christmas!

The time is NOW to get to your favorite store and begin your own collections!  Just one thing at 75% off becomes a lifetime of Christmas fabulocity!

PS The magic was created by the Birth of our Savior in Bethlehem.


  1. This posting was so timely! Have made a decision to make my Christmas holidays different from now on, focusing on what gives me joy since I will no doubt spend many of them alone. This year I had already decided to search for a white artificial tree, hopefully on a nice sale. I have so many meaningful ornaments and think that would look great. Loved some of the other ideas, but one item at a time!


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