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In all of my wanderings throughout life, kindness has been such an important part of my journey.  I have had examples of kindness throughout my life.  From teachers to family members, kindness is always remembered.  Not necessarily remembered by what they said but in how they made me feel.  I can go back almost 50 years and feel the warmth created by those who made me feel like I was worth their time.  Of course I can say the opposite about the neighbor lady who was never kind and always made me feel inferior to her children.  We’ve all felt that way.  Some like me, as children and some of you, even now.

From the words of Plato, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.”

I discovered the secret of being kind a long time ago.  I’m not sure that it was always in the forefront of my mind but it is now.  One smile, one happy lilt in your voice, even saying someone’s name.  One touch on an arm while talking, thinking about how to brighten someone’s day, thinking about how to make someone feel special.  I can do it, you can do it.  It’s a goal of mine to always be kind.  Am I always kind?  Nope but it’s a goal though!

I want you to know that you feel better when you’re making others feel better.  There’s studies, I’m sure to prove it but I’m my own proof.  Self pity gets me right into my own party of spiraling into the awkward feeling that I’m not worthy.  But darling, making others feel like they’re important that takes me to another party, one that’s worth staying.  It can become habit.  It’s intentional thinking.  It’s paying a complement, it’s noticing them – haircut, new outfit, great color they’re wearing, the effort they’re giving.

If there’s anything I can pass along to you, it’s to be kind.  Take one extra minute to listen.  Think about how you can lift others spirits.  Let it become something you can do with out trying.  When you’re feeling down, be kind.  Be kind to your family.  Be kind to your friends.  Be kind to strangers.

PS  Anger and hate dig holes.  Kindness and love move mountains.  Choose your motivation wisely.

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