Little Things Getting to You?

When we quit worrying over the little things, we can spend time on what is truly important in life.

Each and every day we experience disappointment.  Friends who don’t do what we expect, work situations that become fodder for TV sitcoms, plans fail, wishful thinking blows into the wind like a puff of glitter dust.  The truth is that many of these situations are out of our control.   They happen upon us, surprisingly out of the blue and it’s up to us to navigate through it.   At times we respond with intensity because we are hurt.  Our passion rises up and most important is that we were wronged. Other times we’ve invested ourselves only to see that we are the only ones who have given of ourselves and we see others around who have dropped the ball.   The ten thousand foot view can be useful to everyone.  Do you see the big picture or only that small portion that can be seen from your point of view?  When we quit worrying over the little things, we can spend time on what is truly important in life.

There are small irritations and frustrations that rob us of contentment.  These daily intrusions are life lessons in the making.  Bothersome situations should move us to think about what others are feeling.  Draining people should give us pause to think about walking in their shoes – if only in our minds.  We spend endless energy on the little details of life that are just that, little details.  Our time spent might be a diversion, an avoidance of the bigger problems in life.  If I can yell at the dog for being under my feet, I may be avoiding a conversation with my partner about my feelings of inadequacy.   When I’m screaming at the driver in front of me, I may be reacting to the disappointment that occurred before I ever got into my car.  Take some time to think about what you need to discuss with friends, family, or just to yourself.  Are there worries?  Talking about them can help you to see things differently.

In the  stresses of life, what can be opted away?    Does the situation warrant itself to be ongoing or a just distant memory in a year from now?  As focused on the situation as you are, your reward for letting go may be the very happiness that you were seeking from the start.  Holding on to negative emotions is rarely worth the cost of emotional and physical health that it takes from you.  You have total control of what your response  will be.  You may be giving up your desire to be right only to find out the peace of mind that comes to you will be soooo worth it.

Draw yourself to the importance of life.  The people around you – love them.  Love the unlovable.  Be kind.  Put yourself into someone’s place and imagine what you can do to make a difference in their life.  It’s that time, in the midst of thinking beyond me, that you realize how important it is to help thee.


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