The Hardest Part of a Workout


Jaime & me on October 27, 2012 after the Healdsburg Half Marathon in Sonoma County celebrating my 50th Birthday!

Hands Down, most difficult part of a workout for me is just putting on my shoes….

I absolutely love it when I’m actually working out!  I love the feeling of making my body tired, and more than that I love the feeling of being able to walk, run, hike as many miles as I want to.  I love meeting a goal.  I love the euphoric feeling that running can bring.  My family all works out.  From running to lifting weights to playing organized sports to yoga.  We all participate in something.  I’m happy that Aldo & I were able to set an example of the importance of taking care of your body.  Even if it’s some hard work in the yard and garden!!

You’d think I’d never quit working out, would you?  Ha!  I love meeting a goal and once the goal is over, I tend to stop.  I can still do active fun but not like when I’m training.  I lose my motivation and I can’t seem to put my running shoes on to go outside or go downstairs to the treadmill.

I have come up with ways in the past to solve the lack of shoes on my feet.

  • I’ve met up with a girlfriend a few times a week — you know, an accountability partner
  • I’ve subscribed to apps that convince me to go out on certain days to run and then other days for cross training
  • I’ve bought new gear or shoes
  • I’ve promised myself a prize at the end of the period of time
  • I’ve put my shoes somewhere that I will trip over them
  • I’ve told myself no coffee and computer without first having put those shoes on and worked out

What works?  A mindset works.  An attitude adjustment.  An inner will to put on my darned shoes and just go!  I end up using all of my strategies to get me going.  I combine a bunch of them so something will keep me going!

The biggest strategy is One Day at a Time.  Do not let yourself go to bed without your plan being fulfilled.  Give yourself a drop time that you must be out the door with your shoes on.

If you’re not a runner, just put on your shoes and walk for 20-60 minutes.  That’s all.  It doesn’t mess up your hair, you don’t get sweaty, you can do it anywhere.  I put on some amazing Praise music and let my thoughts run away for a while.  I pray and I sing and before I know it, I’m done and my mood is lifted and I’m ready to make it an even greater day!

Start slow and be steady.  Day after day, you’ll find that it’s a habit and you might just miss it if you don’t do it!!

PS Give it a Try, Put on YOUR SHOES!

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