Oh yes, this time of year I’m reading about multiple New Year’s resolutions.  How many of you are waiting until Monday?

We wait for months, weeks or even days to begin our new life choices.  I’m all for beginning but have you thought about just beginning now?

Here’s how to begin now.  

So you had a doughnut/cookie/pie with your coffee this morning and you’ve written off today as a loss for the new start of your health kick.  I propose that you start now.  Big deal, you fell off the wagon before you even started climbing into it but start now.  With the reading of these words, start now.  Get rid of the rest of the doughnuts, cookies, candy by whatever means you deem possible: trash, give to the neighbors, or wrap them up and store them in your garage out of sight and mind.  It’s hour by hour, no minute by minute to start with.

You were going to go for a walk this morning but you’re still on the computer, you lost your shoes, you think it’s too cold/wet/snowy outside.  I propose that you start now.  Simply get up from the computer, put on your shoes and go outside for even 15 minutes.  Just because you didn’t do it first thing this morning like you’d planned doesn’t mean that you can’t start now!  The hardest thing about a work out is just putting on your shoes.

Those messy piles of leftover Christmas gifts and packaging are still in the living room waiting to be organized.  Right now, just tackle ONE pile.  That’s it  just one.  When you start with one and meet that goal, you’ve become a success!!  In your office, you need some organization. PLEASE don’t feel like you have to do it all at once.  Just take 10 minutes every day to do a little bit.  Start NOW.  If you don’t, you’ll be reading this again in a month and wondering why you didn’t just start!

MONEY: Want to spend less and save more?  It starts with a little research, a little restraint, a little attitude shift.  Start now.  I know that your favorite website is offering your favorite brand at 50% off.  Get off the website and don’t even browse.  Start with saving a few dollars per a week.  Yes, go without one latte this week, ride your bike or walk somewhere instead of driving.   Hold off on purchases for 24 hours.  That’s all it takes to realize if you really need it!  Unsubscribe from all of those emails that offer discounts on your favorite things!  Go to your email now, unsubscribe from just one email notification!

Why wait?  You know you want to make a change.  Just start where you are right now and do it in small increments.  You are more likely to make the complete change if you start now, start small, and keep at it.

PS I’m starting NOW in small ways. I do try to follow my own advice!

One thought on “IT’S NOW OR NOW… YOU CHOOSE

  1. Well, what a timely blog! The whole concept of starting somewhere, anywhere, with even the smallest of steps, is priceless. I thought about this this morning, long before I read your posting. I had every excuse in the world to put something off (after all, there’s always tomorrow, my favorite day!), but I made my head and not my feelings take charge. I continue to be amazed that once I’ve taken that tiny little first step, things change; e.g., I loathe housecleaning, but I can do 15 minutes of anything once a day. For some things, like piano practice, I have even started setting the timer (talk about obsessive!). I think this concept is hardest for perfectionists, who want it all done at once, and done right, and it can’t be, so they do nothing. Wonderful thoughts and there’s no reason to wait for Monday. Happy New Year!


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