There’s something very palpable about a person who loves them self.  There’s an energy that is real and is felt by those around.  Their love is unconditional, their ego is set aside, and their thoughts and actions focus on others.`

“You, yourself, as much as anybody else in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” ~Buddha

Loving yourself is the first step toward loving the world and all that it offers.  It’s a prerequisite to fully living your life.  If you have doubt about your worth, baby steps are needed.  Let me reassure you, we all want the same thing: To Love and To Be Loved.

You have the ability to go from someone who begs to be liked by friends and coworkers, from someone who seeks approval all the time TO  someone who gives love to friends and coworkers and who gives admiration and positive feedback. It’s a change in attitude.

Do this for me right now.  Hold up your hand and starting with your thumb, count out FIVE things that you like about yourself.  Something about your physical self or how you treat people or even your thoughts about how you handle situations.  Can you count out five things?

This I can tell you – everyone is struggling with the same self love issues.  Some of us are closer to the goal of loving ourselves and some of us are just beginning to acknowledge that we have a place in this world.  No one is looking at you and thinking all of the negative thoughts that are running through your head.  Nobody is as critical of you as you are to yourself.

You are not your worst mistake.  You are the wisdom that you can share with someone else.

You are not the negative words in your head.  You are the kindness that you show to others.

You are not the person who always says yes because you feel guilty.  You are the deep breath of peace.

“You is kind. You is smart. You is important.”  That’s what author Kathryn Stockett wrote in The Help.  I urge you to find some words to print and post around the house.  I used to print out sayings and hang them all over the house, even in my kids bathrooms.  I now have framed reminders all over my house.

Journey toward the positive.  Love yourself.  It’s your decision, it’s your life, you get to live this moment exactly once.  It might be scary to believe that you’re worth it.  Just stick your big toe in the water and see that you’re worth it!

PS Love You

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